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The following online sportsbooks are well known and recgonized operations who have earned respect among sports betting fans.

Best Online Sportsbooks

  • VIP Sports
    VIP Sports offers you the best online gaming and betting no matter where you are in the world. This Sportsbook is proud to bring you their great selection of online betting and betting lines, you can bet on anything from The NFL, NBA, formula, NASCAR, MLB to horse racing. This company has the best odds in the industry, the site is for sports lovers the world over and from the time you first look at this site you will see why they are award winning.

  • BetGameDay
    BetGameDay Sportsbook has earned several wonderful and very well deserved Endorsements and Awards such as the approval of the Off-Shore Gaming Association and Bettor’s World, they are SafeBet Certified, they have been IGC Accredited, Gambling Advisor Approved, and have won the Gambling Online Magazine’s Top Sportsbook Award.

  • My Bookie
    MyBookie uses Dot Com Entertainment software to power their Sportsbook and Casino, which is a great indication of how the whole operation will work. The casino part of this Sportsbook is second to none, they offer every type of casino game that you could possibly want and while you are waiting to see if you won your bet at the Sportsbook you can wager some money at the great casino.

  • BetCom
    Yet another of the incredible strong-points of BetCom is that they do not impose a minimum deposit in order for players to become members. This makes BetCom accessible by an infinite amount of people who would otherwise either not qualify to join or who would pass up the opportunity because of a high minimum buy-in.


PLC and B365 form a strategic partnership - January 8, 2010
The new exciting PLC and b365 amalgam could bring amazing new services to both lottery distribution and various other gaming provisions. PLC has jumped to a major league by strategicaly joining bet365, whose assets and services cover a vast gaming spectrum of global sports betting and having a billions of dollars revenue. One shouldn’t forget that the company is also represented on two major stock exchanges and so 2010 should be a big year for these firms. read full article

D'ont Tweet Information While Watching Tennis Matches Or Run Afoul Of USTA - October 14, 2009
The information age is creating serious problems as online punters gain insider information that can be used when betting on tennis matches using ‘tweeted’ information that they have received against USTA regulations. read full article

Bettors on Cycling - an exciting topic - August 25, 2009
It’s important to understand the character of the cycling championships before placing bets. Realizing that one race is divided into stages for the bettors is vital info. It does seem that cycling is attracting more and more gamblers and so adds spice to an exciting sport. read full article

Belgian Court Rules in Favor of Online Website Owners - August 1, 2009
A court in Belgian has ruled that online gaming websites are free to use the names of sports clubs without having to compensate them for their use. read full article

Enhanced services for Sports Fans - June 16, 2008
Betfair and Viagogo has created a profitable and viable partnership. Both companies should do exceedingly well. Ticketing Betfair’s events is a scoop for Viagogo and the reverse also holds true. This cooperation in the gaming world could well inspire other companies in the field to make similar partnerships. read full article

Up to one third staff departures are Chief Operating Officers - May 20, 2008 has taken a heavy fall in its departure from the US in the wake of the UIGEA. It seems that they’ll have to be laying off some one third of its personnel. However according to latest forecasts in Britain the earnings will be huge and that should lift the country up once again despite its heavy losses in its exodus from America. read full article

Greek Player Wins Big Playing Paradise Casino's "Super Seven" Progressive - May 15, 2008 announced this week the winning of a major record setting progressive slots winning pot of close to $1.5 million. read full article

The rejection of the horse racing consortium bid - March 12, 2008
Will the British government make good on its promise to terminate the Tot? Reuters claims that for more than three years the Tote’s destiny is tottering and that the government’s decision is not very popular among the racing community. Although the Tote is evaluated by PricewaterhouseCoopers at four hundred million pounds sterling it could be ending its soap opera story. read full article

Wealth of experience borne Gamebooker's former founder and CEO - February 21, 2008
O'Malia, Gamebooker's former CEO, hits the headlines. The new chief games officer brings experience and new ideas to PartyGaming. His past operations with Trident and other sports betting companies testify to an impressive record in online and offline gaming companies. His entry into a new field could yield interesting results. read full article

British Internet gambling group are also joined by a new financial director - February 4, 2008
Sportingbet, the well known UK gambling group brings on board two new promising appointees. The appointments now finalize the row of adjustments, changes and restructuring which the company has recently undertaken in the wake of its exit from the US market. It is now set to meet all the new exciting expectations of the coming year. read full article