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InterCasino - $90 Monthly Bonus
VIPCasino - 100% Match Bonus, High Limits
Omni Casino - Over 80 Casino Games

If an opportunity comes around to create an elite circle of top-tier online casino software platforms, the inclusion of Cryptologic would be a foregone conclusion. For most quarters, the Cryptologic brand will always be associated with most of the things that we love about online casino games. Cryptologic, since it was formally launched in 1995, has remained steadfast in its adherence to three guiding principles – Trust, Innovation and Leadership. And this has fuelled the company to its string of successes in more than a decade of continued operation.

The Rivkin brothers – Mark and Andrew, make up the power duo behind Cyrptologic. Everything started in 1995 when the Rivkin brothers decided to develop a system that ensures a secure environment for the monetary transactions of online gamblers. The software that was developed by the Rivkin brothers was truly unique in every sense of the word. Breaking the norm and veering away from the usual work process of providing solutions to the identified problems, they took a completely different path in developing a new software platform and integrated it to a mechanism with a solid security structure.  

Since its debut in 1996, the software platform for online gaming which was developed by the Rivkin brothers has had stirring successes, and this has propelled the company to become one of the leading providers of solutions and applications for the industry. Buoyed by the strong confidence of major stakeholders, Cryptologic was eventually listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1998 and this was followed by NASDAQ in the year 2000 and in 2003, Cryptologic was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Despite the exclusion of the extremely lucrative US market in its current holdings, the company continues to break new grounds. Since its debut, Cryptologic has developed and introduced a wide array of exciting and cutting-edge online gaming solutions and applications. In addition to the development and delivery of a software platform for online gaming, Cryptologic also provides a suite of online gaming solutions which includes e-Cash management, dedicated technical support and marketing support.

The company has recently integrated popular Marvel characters in their brand offerings and this new development has helped the company gain more mileage in the race for pole position in the highly competitive world of online gaming. With its resolute adherence to its guiding principles, Cryptologic is expected to scale new heights and continue to be one of the top players in the online gaming industry.

Cryptologic Online Casino Software

The online gaming software platforms of Cryptologic are licensed under WaterLogic Unlimited, which is a subsidiary that is wholly owned by the company. The upgraded versions of the software platform have been the major defining factor in the evolution of online gaming and taking credit for the introduction of highly innovative features including a live chat function, multiplayer games and competitions, customized browser for additional applications and 3D gaming environments.

Its extensive suite of more than 200 standard casino games is a solid indication of the company’s innovative inclinations. The online casino software platform of Cryptologic has been at the forefront in the introduction of highly innovative applications and gaming concepts that have defined the evolution of various casino games online. Cryptologic also has exclusive rights on various popular brands like Bejewelled and Marvel, and players are consistently drawn to online casinos that feature games that are powered by the Cryptologic gaming software platform that boast of hard-to-beat features like super fast poker games, slot games that are played like the standard video games and progressive jackpots that adopt multi-level formats. Aside from having one of the most extensive suite of online casino games, no other software platforms comes close to Cryptologic when it comes to the number of new games that are added on a regular basis. Cryptologic also supports online casino games in several languages such as Greek, traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French and English. The online casino game software also supports monetary transactions in Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars.


Given the fact that Cryptologic started out as a developer and supplier of applications and solutions for financial institutions, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the top providers of software platforms with a solid security structure. One thing going for those playing games that are powered by Cryptologic is that all the transactions they make go through the same encryption process used by banks and other financial institutions for their online products.

Since it was released in 1996, the software platform has safely and successfully processed more than $60 billion worth of transactions of over a million players worldwide. It is also the software platform used in InterCasino, hailed as the first successful online casino, which is still in operation and remains as one of the leading online casinos today.

Security is a main priority of the company and aside from the rock-solid protocols, the online casinos that are powered by Cryptologic software platform are regularly audited to ensure full compliance of the required payout percentages and maintain the randomness of the outcome of games. In addition to this, the Cryptologic platform has also been cleared for fairness of the relevant source codes and this is a clear proof the online casinos that are powered by the software platform provide a gaming environment that is secure and fair.

Cryptologic Game Offerings

Cryptologic boasts of an extensive suite of more than 200 casino games and these include games that are typically considered as top attractions in brick and mortar casinos. You would expect online casinos that are powered by the software platform of Cryptologic to offer standard card games, table games, slots video poker, video slots and progressives. The software platform features 3 jackpot options on top of the jackpot prize for the progressives. There are also several table games that have higher limits, and on the average, game play at online casinos that are powered by Cryptologic is not really fast. One of the best things about the game offerings of Cryptologic is that their average payout percentage is more than 98 percent.

Aside from having one of the most extensive game suite among the current crop of online casino game software platforms, Cryptologic is also the most prolific as it adds some 20 to 30 new games to its collection each year. Slots always take center stage when it comes to the game offers of online casinos that are powered by Cryptologic. The software platform has been generating a lot of business from the series of slots that feature popular Marvel characters like Spiderman, X-Men, The Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, The Punisher, Blade and the Fantastic Four. These are action-packed slot games that offer huge jackpots.