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As a member of the Belle Rock Gaming group, which has a selection of online poker rooms and casinos, Gambling Club Poker has committed itself to reaching and maintaining high standards in all areas of online gambling. Its goal is to bring players together in a place where they can experience the best in authentic online gaming. Furthermore, Gaming Club Poker has joined the Prima Poker Network; which is a network of poker rooms from all over the world allowing players to play against each other from different rooms, as opposed to facing the dealer.
Gaming Club Poker offers two playing options to gamblers. They can play for real money or play money by simply joining an active table. Perhaps the main benefit of its partnerships, though, especially when it comes to the Prima Poker Network, is the fact Microgaming powers it. Microgaming is a gaming software provider in business since 1994. Its reputation as being one of the major players in the industry acts as a mark of authenticity in the online world. Over 10 years of playing online instils Microgaming as a beacon for fair play, responsible gambling, and transparency in the world of Internet gambling.
Promotions and bonuses are a major fixture of Gaming Club Poker. Players are offered the chance to enhance their bankrolls in a number of different ways. Magic Hand is one bonus which has soared to considerable heights of popularity. The poker room's management team randomly chooses a number and deems it a Magic Hand. Prizes for each Magic Hand are decided upon, which are different each time, and nervous minutes tick by until the Magic Hand appears. Although there’s a main prize for the winner, everybody playing on a specific table will also get a bonus prize.
The Magic Hand is a promotion arising roughly every two days, which is an average of every million hands. There are multiple strict rules which apply:

  1. Only real money tables are eligible to win this bonus.
  2. Ring game tables are the only tables eligible for the Magic Hand. Some common ring game tables include: 7 Card Stud, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Hold’em, and 5 Card Stud.
  3. Three active players must receive cards in the same hand.
  4. Hand winners gain $250, whereas every other participating player gains $250 split amongst them equally.
  5. For every 10 million hands dealt, a special prize of $1000 is up for grabs. The winner of this hand gains $500 with another $500 being split up equally between all participating gamblers.

New users encounter Bonus Redemption Points (BRPs) from the minute they sign up with Gaming Club Poker. Simply register and start playing poker to gain BRPs. Raked hands in all real money games with a big blind limit of $0.50 and upwards earn BRPs. View the following diagram for more information on the number of BRPs awarded from each big blind limit.

Table Bet Limit
Bonus Redemption Points
Maximum BRPs that can be earned per Bet Limit
$0.25/$0.50 1 300
$0.50/$1.00 3 400
$1.00/$2.00 3 800
Higher 3 Limited only by maximum
promotion value

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