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Winner Of Irish Open

Dublin-born Vincent Melinn won the grand prize of 350,000 Euros at the Irish Open Poker championship after a furious final table of five professional poker players. Vincent Melinn is an accountant who had only participated in a single live tournament before entering and winning the Irish Open. But he had to beat another 350 professional players to make it to the final table, which had only six places.
The final table consisted of five other professional poker players, along with Melinn. These were Conor Smyth, Paul Daly, and Brendan Ruane from Ireland, and Jon Wong and Ian Woodley from the United Kingdom. Vincent Melinn won his victory on live television as the final table was broadcast for European viewers on Sky Sports.
Melinn commented on the true benefit of winning this tournament by saying it was not only about the cash but more about the actual title. He said he had only ever participated in one tournament prior to that and then was eliminated in his first hand. He went on, though, that he knew from early on in this game that he had a chance of winning and that in the end he was really proud to win the trophy.
He won the grand prize after beating out Ian Woodley from South London in a heads-up finale. For his troubles, Ian Woodley won the second place prize of 182,000 Euros.
Players competed for the title of Irish Open champion at the Jury’s Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin over the Easter Weekend. It’s considered one of the most lucrative and prestigious events of the international poker circuit, attracting professionals from all over the world. On top of the one million Euro prize pool, sponsors added another 50,000 Euro sum to the overall prize pot. Players made up much of the prize pool with the 3,200 Euro buy-in requirement.

Posted on: May 8, 2006

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