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All Women Championship

Birmingham’s Star City Casino will host the United Kingdom’s inaugural all women’s poker championship during this summer. Observers predict this championship will bring a certain level of celebrity status to the poker world.
The organisers are estimating a prize of £100,000 GBP as the grand prize, but the main benefit is the backing of the Stanley Leisure Group. With the backing of this influential organisation, the UK’s media are expected to flock to this event, which is sure to grant some players the exposure they need to advance their poker careers.
The Telegraph News has reported on the amount of women playing in live poker tournaments. They report a gradual upwards trend with women becoming more comfortable and more accepted within tournaments in land-based casinos.
The newspaper stated that usually the talent needed for poker playing were usually male traits such as aggression as well as the capacity to lie and mask their emotions. It went on though that women are at last finding their feet in the realm of poker playing and a few are even beating the men at their own game.
The Telegraph News continued to investigate the poker experiences of several prominent female poker players, as well as the state of women in poker. They pointed to a recent YouGov poll, which stated 30-40% of all online poker players are women. Live land-based casinos also had 5% of their players marked as women, compared to 1% previously.
The director of Britain’s biggest casino, Birmingham-based Star City, Mark Ross commented about women in the poker world by saying that the women’s championships, which began in the United States about four years ago meant that it was time for them (women) to start playing competitively in the UK. Ross continued by saying that many women that had never even visited a casino before, but maybe had played online or with friends, would enter the championship.

Posted on: May 25, 2006

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