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New Marketing Campaign

The marketing staff members for Titan Poker are targeting poker players in college as part of a new campaign in collaboration with CampusFood to attract new players to the industry. Creative marketing campaigns and restaurants will play a part by providing students with online menus which are completely interactive.
CampusFood offer a bonus code to students through this promotional period. Students who take up this offer become eligible to play in a freeroll poker tournament exclusively for them when they sign up for Titan Poker.
The winners of these tournaments each receive exclusive cash coupons for CampusFood. Redeem these codes at participating restaurants for free food orders. As of this writing, the final tournament is scheduled for April 23rd, although there are additional tournaments available to play, such as an inaugural CampusFood tournament held on the Titan Poker website. This special inaugural tournament has a grand prize of $20,000 worth of food tokens from participating restaurants.
The month of March is a special month for the promotion as Titan Poker will run a series of tournaments called the March Madness tournaments. March Madness tournaments are exclusively for college students who can represent their school as they play against college students from all over the country. Interested poker players only need to register with Titan Poker and download the software from the dedicated March Madness website to get started.
During March Madness, a total of 64 qualifying tournaments are on hand to determine the best players for each school. The winning players will go forward into the Main Event tournament where they compete against other schools for special prizes for both themselves and their schools. Prizes include gaining free food from CampusFood's participating restaurants, iPod Nanos, jackets, championship rings, and laptop computers.
Anybody is able to join the tournaments leading up to the March Madness Main Event tournament to represent their Alma mater or current school. As long as they register with Titan Poker and download the specific software nothing is stopping them from competing.
The marketing campaign comes partially as a response to a survey at the University of Pennsylvania last year. It stated 26% of all male college students at the university spent some time playing online poker. The study also revealed the percentages are likely to increase over time as more people discover the world of online gambling.

Posted on: February 21, 2006

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