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Face Up Holdem

Face Up Hold’em is a new game released by Zone4Play, a software developer which specialises in the world of online gaming. Zone4Play is claiming its latest creation is like nothing else previously seen in the industry, and this is why gamblers are incredibly interested in this latest addition to Internet gambling. Zone4Play currently offers four different interactive gaming platforms, and Face Up Hold’em is definitely set to be available on all four in the United Kingdom. Gamblers will be able to take advantage of this new game on participation TV, mobile gaming, interactive TV, and Internet gaming.

Zone4Play believes the Internet poker market is ripe for a new game to help replace the tried and tested games everybody knows and loves. It’s currently an industry which brought in over four billion dollars in revenue alone in the previous year, and the market is expected to grow. This new game is based on the most popular casino game in the world, Texas Hold’em, according to the developer. As of this writing, Face Up Hold’em has its patent pending, although it’s expected to acquire this patent.

Each one of Zone4Play’s interactive gaming platforms located in the United Kingdom are carrying this game upon its release into the market. As already mentioned, included are participation television, interactive television, mobile gaming, and Internet gaming. By the start of the third quarter of 2006 the new game is expected to be available to about 10 million unique households based in the United Kingdom. It means television players will be able to play fixed odds poker, which is a first. Poker TV shows are also inviting participation through the TV screen with live broadcast versions of the game. To participate, users will simply place their bets before the end of each hand as it’s played out.

Posted on: February 28, 2006

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