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Video Poker

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Since its introduction in the 70s, video poker has been a popular choice of casino goers. Despite it being a skill-based game, there are still a lot of reasons for novice gamblers to try their luck by playing any of the variants of the game that are featured in brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. It is the casino game that you can truly master so that you don’t just solely have to rely on luck when making decisions regarding your game play.

Video poker, which is sometimes referred to as draw poker, uses the same standard deck of 52 cards which is used in ordinary table poker. The dealing of cards is pretty much similar to the 5-card draw. The same rule of the 5-card draw applies for the card combinations and ranking of hands in video poker. In addition to these similarities of the game with the 5-card draw, video poker is also compared to video slots and slot machines. Of course, the most obvious aspect that is common to video slots and video poker is that they are housed in the same cabinet and most of these machines are equipped with a coin hopper and coin slot. In addition to this, a good number of video poker and video slot machines are also equipped with a bill acceptor and card reader.

Unlike the standard poker game, video poker is known for its minimal house edge, and this means that you have better chances of leaving the game on positive territory compared to the other casino games. Video poker is a fairly straightforward game. The machine automatically deals the player 5 cards after the bet has been made. The player then chooses which cards that will have to be discarded and the machine then deals a second set of cards to replace those that have been discarded. The payout is determined by the corresponding value of the player’s hand.

In a game of video poker, you are not up against the dealer or the other players like in an ordinary game of poker. You win a certain amount of money that is predetermined if you are able to come with any of the winning card combinations.

Legitimacy and Fairness of Video Poker

For those who are still looking for convincing proofs that will support and confirm the legitimacy of the game of video poker, it is important for them to note that the card dealing is controlled by a random number generator or RNG. In the same manner, the replacement cards are also selected and dealt in a completely random manner, and there is no card peaking to speak of when it comes to video poker.

Thus, if you are initially dealt by the machine a 9-3-5-Q-J, and you decide to discard the 9,5 and the 3, this will not affect the replacement cards that you will receive and you still end up with the same set even if you decide to discard the queen and jack instead. The card dealing is done in absolute random and the game generally does not have any house advantage. However, there are some variants that have a slight house advantage, but it is still significantly lower than the house edge of an ordinary poker game.

If you take your time while carefully honing your skills and learning how to use the best strategies, then it would not come as a surprise if you end up with a 99 percent winning clip. If you want to learn a game which you can really be good at by using the appropriate skills and strategies, then video poker should be a logical choice.

Why Play Video Poker

Video poker is a game that you can start playing and leave the game at any time. It is a good alternative to poker nights during the weekend with your friends, which can be difficult to organize especially for those who are leading a tight schedule. This game is the ideal choice under 2 different situations. You should seriously consider video poker if you are looking for a game that is also entertaining and exciting. It is also a wise choice if you want to take things slowly while learning how to play the game. And video poker ceases to be just another gambling activity as you learn how to apply specific strategies to improve the way you play the game.

Video Slots vs Video Poker

In fact, casino gaming enthusiasts refer to video poker as the “slot game for the thinking man.” This branding is absolutely accurate. However, it is important for you to understand the distinctions and similarities between video slots or slot machines and video poker. One of the major differences between the two is their respective payouts. Video slots and slot machines have been programmed to maintain a payout percentage that ranges from 83 to 97 percent. The implication of this is that the house will always emerge as the winner in the long run, even if a player hits the jackpot prize. All the possible combinations in a game of slots occur completely at random, and there is really no way for you to become a “good” or “skilled” slots player. The outcomes in a game of slots are due to 100 percent luck.

On the other hand, with the right technique, you can actually predict or determine the probability that certain hands will be dealt and this can immensely improve your chances of winning the game. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you will come out a winner in every hand. However, with the right strategy, there is a strong likelihood that you will walk away with more money inside your pocket. When you play slots, your participation is only as far as pulling the lever to initiate the spinning of the reels, and you just leave everything to luck that it will come up with a winning combination. On the other hand, you need to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to become a master in the game of video poker.