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Three Reel Slots

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How to Play

Players that are familiar with slot machines will find this game to be quite interesting. Getting the payline to arrange in the orderly fashion that guarantees a win may take a number of spins, but seasoned gamers know that these rules are only there to make the game more interesting. The center line is usually the payline, and in Three Reel Slots, you need to find the combination that will bring you real fortunes. You should know that there are plenty of other game modes that allow earnings on multiple paylines and not only on the center line. In all cases, however, you need to score the winning combination in order to win some money.

Three Reel Slots types

There are different types of Three Reel Slots which you can play, those with a single payline like Double Magic, those with three paylines like Cool Buck, and those with five paylines like Goblins Gold.

Another game type such as Megaspin Slots, is the most generous of them all, as it works as a number of machines put together. The player is allowed to play up to nine games in a single spin, and win accordingly.

Other features are there to make the game even more interesting. For instance, Bonus Slots offer you other winning opportunities, and playing Wheel of Fortune or Sizzling Scorpions will make the slot machine game even more enticing for you.

Other variations

It is very important to know the basic rules, whenever you want to play slot machine games. For instance, you must know which are the best payouts, what value each coin stands for, how many reels are used, and if there are more paylines to play on and bet on.

A few tips and tricks

Each slot machine game has different symbols, but the basic rules are usually the same. However, as the symbols change, you will need to know which of them are luckier than others. Spend a while and learn more about the game you will be investing money in. The luckiest symbols are the ones that bring you the best cash winnings, so pay attention to them more than the others.

Coin values are also important. While some coins have a value of one single credit, others have more. Also, the maximum bet allowed is comprised of a certain number of coins. All these details must be well kept in mind, if you do not want to lose your credits much too soon. If you play a single payline, you can increase the number of coins, in order to gain more in case you win the line. Additional paylines can do the same thing, but tread carefully, as throwing too many coins for a single spin can prove less lucrative than it looks at first glance.

The game has a Bet Max option that will allow you to play the highest credit amount, by using the largest number of coins allowed.

Coin size is another aspect you need to keep in mind. For instance, for a coin size of 0.25, with a maximum of 200 coins in winnings, it means that you gain 50 credits in the end. For a larger coin size, you will get to win much more.