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Craps is one of the top attractions in brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. It is really a simple casino table game and when it comes to the skills that you have to develop and the strategies that you need to learn, there is really not much to talk about. And just like with the other casino and online games, the outcomes in the game of craps occur in absolute random and there are no established patterns that you have to consider and from which you can base your betting options.  

In this section, we will be discussing the history of the game and basic distinctions between the craps game played at brick and mortar casinos and online craps.


The modern version of the internet game is generally believed to have been derived from the Old English game of Hazard. The term “craps” is used in this medieval game to refer to the losing numbers. The game had its debut in the US during the early part of the 19th century and it first established a strong following in New Orleans. It had its entry into other parts of the US as it became a regular offering in Mississippi boat casinos. In 1907, Jon Winn introduced a number of improvements and new rules in the game of craps. The popularity of table game reached new heights with the legalization of gambling in Nevada, and today, craps is a core offering in brick and mortar casinos and online casinos.

Craps is played in land-based casinos by an arbitrary or unlimited number of players and each of the players in this table game place bet against the shooter or the house. The shooter will have to do a series of dice throws and come up with a set of specific numbers as well as a range of possible combinations in order to determine the winner in a particular round. There are over 30 betting options in the game of craps, and these may include the outcome from a single dice throw or final outcome in a particular round. Its diversity and the range of possibilities are the main reasons why the game usually draws large crowds and is usually the most animated game on the casino floor.

Craps in Land-Based Casinos and Online Casinos

The distinctions between a brick and mortar casino and online casinos are most significant in the game of craps. The variation is not really on the betting options or the existing payouts of the game but in the way the game is actually played. We will discuss how this popular table game is played in brick and mortar casinos and identify the main aspects of the game that are different when it is played online.

In land-based casinos, the table layout for the game of craps is divided into 3 distinct sections. The 2 separate sections at the end of the craps table which are identical contain the field, come and pass bets. These are the common betting options in the game of craps. The middle portion of the craps table, which is relatively smaller in size compared to the 2 sections at the end of the table, features the prop bets.  

When playing craps online, you will have a screen display of the table layout consisting of only one section on the end of the craps table and the middle portion. The reason for this is that online craps is a single-player table game, while its counterpart in live casinos caters to a group of players that wager at the same time.


For a person who is attempting to play the table game, craps in brick and mortar casinos may appear to be a daunting and complicated challenge. In most instances, the sight of having quite a number of casino employees that are involved in the conduct of the game may have an intimidating effect on some people. A stickman is directly responsible in the handling of the dice and takes their position at the center of the craps table. The designated shooter for the round chooses a pair from a cache of dice that is given to them by the stickman. The stickman announces the number that is thrown after each roll is made and retrieves the thrown dice and gives them back to the designated shooter. Aside from this main function, the shooter also handles the prop bets of the player.


The boxman oversees the conduct of the game and makes sure that the correct payouts are made by the dealers. They take a position that is directly opposite that of the position of the stickman. In addition to their main function, the boxman is also responsible for the bankroll of the casino and this is placed directly in front of their position. They also have an adjudicatory function and arbitrates if there are disputes or disagreements that may arise during the course of the game.


Craps games in land-based casinos have 2 dealers, and they take their respective positions on the opposite sides of the spot designated for the boxman. The two dealers handle and manage all the monetary transactions on their side of the craps table, and this will include all the chips that are placed in front of the boxman. They are also responsible for the payouts of the winning bets as well as the collection or retrieval of the chips of the losing bets, which are all given to the boxman. The dealers are the ones that handle the special bets, like the free odds bets and place bets. They are also responsible for the pucks which are used in a craps game to indicate the presence of a point.

Pit Boss and Floor men

Craps tables are located in a separate section in land-based casinos, which is referred to as the “pit.” And in addition to the casino employees that are directly involved in the conduct of the game, there are also several floor men that supervise the credits that are awarded to each of the craps players. The pit boss is the casino employee that is in charge of the pit, although they don’t normally have any direct interaction with the craps players.

Craps at Online Casinos

All the functions of the various casino personnel assigned in a game of craps are automatically performed in the background by the gaming software. The dice are automatically rolled when a player clicks the appropriate button. There are variants of the online craps that feature amazing animations and visual effects that are activated during the throwing of the dice.

When it comes to craps games in land-based casinos, a player is designated as the shooter and they are required to throw the dice in a manner that is required in the game of craps. For instance, the shooter has to throw the dice so that it bounces off the farthest wall of the craps table. As the designated shooter, the player has no clear edge when it comes to the betting process. When it comes to craps games that are played online, the randomness of the dice throw is attained through the RNG of the gaming software.

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