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In contrast to online slot games, the game of blackjack requires a certain level of proficiency. It is a skill-based game that requires players to develop the capability in determining the most optimal decisions in order to maintain a higher average return. Those who have not yet acquired the skill set that is needed for a “good” blackjack player should start learning how to use the optimal strategies of the game.

With more than a hundred variations, the game of blackjack has retained the basic rule that has defined the old card game from which the modern day versions were derived from. The majority of the players prefer to adopt the simple rule and format when it comes to the game of blackjack. To become a “good” blackjack player, one has to have a perfect combination of luck and patience, as there will be instances where the card game can be really challenging.

The main goal of a blackjack player is to reach a total point value equivalent to 21 or a point value that is as close as possible to 21 without busting. Cards are dealt to all the players at the blackjack table and the cards of the other players are of no consequence to your chances of winning the game as your main goal is to top the hand of the dealer.

History of Blackjack

The history of blackjack is a highly contentious subject. There are several contrasting accounts on the origins of the card game and how it has evolved into its modern version. A popular version purports that it originated in France during the 17th century. The game was known then as Vingt-et-Un, which literally means 21. There is also another version that associates the modern Blackjack with the popular card game in France – Chemin de Fer. Yet another version considers Blackjack as having been derived from another card game which was also very popular during that time and is known as French Ferme.

There is another group that believes that the card game originated in Spain and according to this version, the game of blackjack was derived from an Old Spanish card game known as “One and Thirty.” The main goal of this card game is for the player to reach the point value equivalent to 31 using at least 3 cards.

Another theory about its origins describes it to have been derived from an old game which was played by ancient Romans. This game which was invented by the Romans was played using wooden blocks that are assigned their respective numerical values. The veracity of this version is anchored on the known fact that Romans love to gamble. However, this is not enough to settle the issue about the history of blackjack.

Among the opposing accounts about the origins of the card game, the version that associates the game with the old French card game, Vingt-et-Un, is the most popular. Since its debut during the 17th century, this popular card game of the French became a popular attraction in various cities in Europe. It eventually reached the US when the French introduced the card game in North America during the colonization of the continent by the French. The card game was still known as “21” when it had its debut in Nevada casinos in 1931.

To make the game more interesting to US gamblers, the casino operators added a special bet, which involved an additional payout on top of the regular payout of the card game and this is given out when a player gets a hand that features the Jack of Clubs or Jack of Spades (or black jack) in addition to the Ace of Spades. This peculiar betting option would later be discarded by casinos that feature this card game, but the term blackjack stuck in the minds of card players and this paved the way for the use of the term to refer to the modern day version of the card game.

Variants of the Card Game

There are several variations of the game of blackjack and online casinos feature a greater number of these variants of the card game than their brick and mortar counterpart. Thus, even the most seasoned card players will have more than enough choices when it comes to specific variants that suit their needs and preferences. Online casinos will have the basic varieties of the card game such as the European and Vegas blackjack as well as the hybrids which are not available in brick and mortar casinos. One of the major reasons why you will prefer playing blackjack online is that the games proceed at a much faster pace and you don’t have to waste too much of your time in the dealing of cards.

Online casinos also allow players to disable the functions or features that they may find extraneous like dealer voices and card animations and special effects so that the card dealing phase is done at a faster pace. Blackjack players may also increase the speed of the game when they participate in multi-hand games. In fact, there are online casinos that allow blackjack players to wager up to a maximum of 5 hands simultaneously.

For a different brand of entertainment and fun, blackjack players may also try the innovative variants of the card game like the Pontoon and Double Exposure. There are also several types of the card game that offer progressive jackpots and these huge prizes are won by a player when they are dealt a predetermined hand.

There are versions of the card game that can be played online with just a single card deck although the number of card decks can go as high as eight depending on the blackjack variant that you are going to play. Blackjack games at land-based casinos will typically have higher table minimums compared to those variants that are featured at online casinos. With the wide range of choices, you can find blackjack variants online with table minimums that can be as low as $1.

Online Blackjack Table Layout

Online blackjack usually features the standard layout that is characterized by the curved shape of the blackjack table. The dealer occupies one side of the table and this position is directly opposite the spots assigned for one or up to seven players for the multiplayer variants of the card game. Players place their bets by the selecting the specific wagering amounts and clicking the appropriate area (which can be a square or a circle) which are located directly in front of the spots assigned to the players.

A game of blackjack begins with the player occupying the spot on the left of the dealer, and this is known as the “first base,” and moves on a clockwise direction all the way to the spot occupied by the last player, which is known as the “third base” and is directly to the right of the dealer. Seasoned players consider the “third base” as a disadvantaged position and would normally avoid it. The chip tray is normally located directly in front of the spot assigned for the dealer. The currency drop slot and the shoe or card deck can be found on the right side and the left side of the dealer, respectively.  



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