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Baccarat Systems

A quick google search for “baccarat systems” will lead you to dozens of sites who pretend to sell you the “Ultimate Baccarat System” the system that will keep winning until you have no more room in your pocket for cash. Obviously, these are scams.

Like all casino games, the house edge is built into the game mechanics and there is absolutely nothing you can do to overcome it. The so called “authorities” who try to sell you their latest system relay on the fact that the grand majority of recreational gamblers cannot comprehend that the cards are totally random. Those gamblers make their bets as though the cards had some sort of “memory”. For instance, if “The banker” has won 5 hands in a raw, they believe that for the next shoe “the player’s” chances are significantly higher, when in fact the chances of both of them winning are already computed and available just by looking at the house edge.

There are only three kinds of bets you can make at the baccarat table: bet on “The Banker”, bet on “The Player” or bet on a tie. The house edge for those three bets are 1.01%, 1.29%, 15.75% respectively. If you are a regular baccarat player, you will be happy to know that the house edge for the first two bets is one of the lowest the casino offers (in comparison, a regular bet on a number in roulette has a house edge of more than 5%).

What do those numbers mean? It means that in the long run for every 100$ you will bet you will lose 1.01$ (betting solely on “the banker”). Now, you may bet 100$ and win 200$, or bet 100$ and lose 50$, but in the long run (imagine that will play 1 million shoes) you will lose 1.01$ for every 100 invested.

So why people keep playing baccarat? There are as many reasons as there are gamblers, but one thing is for sure, all try to get a little lucky and make some profits. This should be your goal as well, but not by buying expensive and useless baccarat systems, but by only making bets that will have better expectation if you do get a little lucky.

If you look at these 3 figures: 1.01%, 1.29%, 15.75% you have already deciphered the ultimate baccarat system and it did not cost you a penny. Your best bet while playing baccarat is to always go with “The Banker”. Will that make you a long term winner? Probably not. If it was that easy no casino would have survived. But it does minimize the house edge as much as possible and with a little bit of luck you could have some profits.

In conclusion, be careful of anyone trying to sell you a gold mine. If it really was a gold mine, no one would have sold it. Explore the site and the different strategies offered not just for baccarat but for all casino games. Preparing yourself before venturing in an online casino will assure that you will have the best experience possible.

Rushmore Online Casino - Baccarat