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It would be the height of incredulity if we talk about the fun and excitement of the world of casino gambling without mentioning the game of baccarat. This card game has long been associated to aristocracy and it is the game in brick and mortar casinos that is usually identified with elegant and flashy personalities. Despite this propitious image of baccarat, modern casinos continue to embellish its image and adorn the rooms where the card game is played.

In a sense, baccarat is an interesting and entertaining card game. It is significantly different from the other card games like poker and blackjack. Unlike the other card games where the focus is more on the rules and strategies, it is more of a game of chance and the rules that apply in the game of baccarat are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Strictly speaking, a player does not have to learn any specific strategy when playing the card game although there are certain tips that can help you get the most out of your game play.


While there are opposing versions on how the game of baccarat actually started, it is generally believed to have originated in Italy during the latter part of the 15th century. The word “baccarat” was actually derived from the Italian word “baccara” which is the literal translation of the word “zero.” According to a generally accepted account about how it all started, the original variant of the card game used cards which came from the Tarot deck and the first official game of baccarat was organized by Felix Falguierein.

It didn’t take long before the French nobles and aristocrats got wind of this new card game. It was such a big hit in France and this could be one of the main reasons why it is believed to be a card game which was invented in France. It was also during this time that it went through some changes and with the modifications on how it was played in France, the card game also had a name change and was referred to as Chemin de Fer.

Along with the increase in the popularity of baccarat, the card game was also introduced in other cities in Europe and it became a common entertainment fare among soldiers during the First World War. Being a game associated with the rich and the famous, it ultimately reached American soil and up to China in the Far East. With its entry into new territories, the game went through a series of changes and this included the change in its name. From being known as “European Baccarat” in England, it came to be known as the game of “Chemin de Fer” when it was introduced in casinos in major cities in Europe and Punto Banco when it was introduced in the US and the Far East.

Baccarat failed to make a good impression and immediate impact upon its introduction in the US during the early part of the 20th century. It gradually invaded other parts of the continent. In the 1950s, the game had its debut in Argentina when it was played in Mar del Plata casinos. It had an auspicious launch and was well received by Argentina’s elite society. It was also introduced in Cuba and it was during this time that the card game came to be known as Punto Banco. This is the variant of the card game from where American Baccarat was derived, and its main distinction from its European Baccarat is that in the former the bank is entirely under the control of the house.

It is Tommy Renzoni, after closely following the evolution of baccarat in South America, who was responsible for the remarkable comeback of the game of baccarat in the United States. Renzoni was able to seal a deal with the operators of the famed Dune Casino in Las Vegas to showcase the card game in a special event. And this ushered the entry of the American variant of the card game and this is the version of the card game that is played in US based casinos today.

The card game has gone through several modifications as it evolved through the years. Still, if there is one aspect of the card game that has survived these changes and remained intact all through these years, it is the fact the baccarat has remained as the card game of the rich and the famous. It is a highly sophisticated and exclusive card game which is usually reserved for high rollers and rich individuals and it is played in the part of the casino that is usually sectioned off from the main crowd.

Playing the Game of Baccarat

The primary objective of the game of baccarat is to end up with a composite of cards with an aggregate point value equivalent to 9 units. This figure is derived through simple mathematical computation. For instance, an ace card will have an assigned point value equivalent to 1 while the jacks, queens and kings will have a point value equivalent to zero. The player that ends up with the highest points is automatically declared the winner of the game.

Don’t ever believe claims that you can improve the odds of winning the game when you study the patterns or when you learn how to count cards. Several studies have shown that by the time that you are able to identify a distinct pattern that can help you win the card game, there will be a marked change in the winning blueprint and you are left with practically nothing to start with.

What sets baccarat apart from the other card games is it only has a 1 percent house edge, and this means that a player has betters odds of winning a game of baccarat than that of a game of blackjack. In fact, long term results of a baccarat game is highly predictable, although it is nearly impossible to predict the winner for the next game even if you have a situation where the banker has strung up 10 successive wins. When it comes to this card game, the probability that a player wins a game is 50 percent.

There may come a time when a player wins the jackpot. Thus, the most prudent advice for the player would be to leave the game while they are still ahead. In this kind of game, a player will come to a point where they would be losing all the points that have been earned.

Effective Management of Bankroll

Sound management of bankroll is an important aspect of the baccarat game and this means that it is vital that you don’t go beyond your limits. Thus, when a player is afraid of losing money, it is wise that they don’t play with an amount that they cannot afford to lose. Your overall conduct and disposition during a game of baccarat will depend on your level of nervousness, tolerance to risks and stress.

There is no guarantee of success when playing the game and you have to be prepared to absorb some losses along the way. Some players would go for a “tilt” in the event that they get into a losing run. You have to remember that the primary objective is for you to be entertained and to have some fun, and it would not be wise if you get overly distracted by the prospect of losing money.

Diligent Practice of the Game of Baccarat

So, what is the best way to approach the game? Diligent practice is the key to a successful stint at the baccarat table. This is what any expert worth his salt would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to play the card game. You can get the feel of the game by going on practice sessions through the free-play version that is offered by online casinos. In this way, you can assess and learn from your mistakes without the risk of losing a substantial amount of money.

Baccarat Systems

There are some players who have this false sense of security and misplaced confidence that they have everything covered using a particular baccarat system. This will definitely lead to substantial losses as there is not one single system that can yield you the winnings that you are aiming for. Those who are peddling those so-called “winning” baccarat systems are only after your money and they will do everything to deceive you into spending your hard-earned cash for a system that doesn’t really work.

You are better off when you rely on practical and simple tips that have been discussed in this section. Thus, you are off to a good start when you observe sound betting techniques, practice diligently, adopt a sound money management and choose the right brick and mortar casino or online casino where you can play baccarat. When you know the ground rules and acknowledge the fact that that when you go with the banker’s hand and with the minimum house advantage, you will surely have better chances of winning even if you are just a beginner. These are the things that you have to keep in mind if you want to play the game of baccarat.


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