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Blackjack Calculator
An online site with a difference. The Wizard has a unique site with information on all types of online games. A game designer and consultant he offers free games and advice on odds and stratgey of nearly every game you can think off. With video tutorials and a personal blog this is a really friendly site well worth a visit.
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Blackjack Apprenticeship
This site is totally devoted to learning all about Blackjack. With video tutorials on card counting and run by Professional Blackjack players if you are seriously looking to improve your playing skills this is the site for you. Membership is free and you can chat to other players via the forum.
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Blackjack Strategy
This site is purely about the stategy of Blackjack, with odds on all variations of Blackjack be it single or multiple decks, European or Canadian. Find out about Blackjack terminology and they have an up to date recommendation of top Blackjack online casino's.
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Ace Ten
For the latest news in Blackjack visit this site. Written in an informative manner it's for serious players who would like to keep up to date with all that's going on in the world of gaming. It has easy star ranked recommendations for online casinos and tutorials on both basic and advance strategy training.
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Hit Or Stand
New to Blackjack, this site offers a free training strategy game. As you proceed through the game handy tips will pop up to advise you. No need to download any software as this is an instant fun game. They have a message board or forum where you can chat and exchange tips with other Hit or Stand fans.
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All About Blackjack was established in 2009 with the aim of providing insight information to players on the game of blackjack. The site features the latest news, tips, strategy and updates on blackjack as it is now played in casinos across the internet. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games around, and All About Blackjack is filled with resources and links to useful and helpful information about the game. First and foremost, the history of the game is discussed briefly, then the site goes on to extensively provide information on rules, definitions, card counting, cheating, shuffle tracking, blackjack systems, strategy and much more. The site is dedicated to the world of blackjack players, both new and professional, looking to advance their game just a little more and earn the big bucks blackjack so often promises!
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