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Is my safety guaranteed when I play online?

It’s true that the online gambling industry is just like any other industry in that there are always going to be people who will attempt to bring the game into disrepute. These people will rig software, not pay their players, and will generally cause a nuisance. But these are in the small minority and are not known for lasting long in the industry.

As of this writing, 1600 casinos exist online and it’s only natural that some dishonest ones will exist. But by following the tips below it’s simple to avoid the bad casinos and to deal with only the ones that are honest and reputable.

Tip #1

Only utilise casinos that use software that’s been provided by the industry leaders in online gambling software. Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, and Bossmedia are just a few of these industry leaders. Take a look at lists of approved and certified casinos to increase the level of safety as well.

Tip #2

Only open one account with each casino. Many casinos explicitly mention that opening up more than one account is against the rules, and if it’s found out then it’s an excuse to not pay the player their winnings.

Tip #3

Check the amount of time it takes for a response to a simple problem by sending them an email and waiting to see how long it takes for them to reply.

Tip #4

Be courteous to the casino. Remember, they are the ones who ultimately control the money and what gets paid out.

Tip #5

Read through the rules of the casino, as breaking any of them, even if they are just minor rules, could lead to them seeking grounds to not pay out any winnings.

Tip #6

Good presentation is essential to a successful casino. If the casino is presentable and professional then it’s easy to assume that it’s a professional business. Of course, this isn’t foolproof, but it’s still a good indicator.

Tip #7

Money has been lost by players who have attempted to claim multiple bonuses on the same site. Casinos generally stipulate that this is against the rules and, again, it can give them grounds to not pay out any winnings.

Tip #8

Keep all the information to do with when the account was set up, as well as all the usernames and passwords should a problem appear. If a problem appears with the account then the customer support service may require this information to resolve any issues.

Tip #9

Gambling as a profession is rarely fruitful, so remember that playing for fun is the number one priority.