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Will I actually get my winnings paid out to me?

The reputation of online gambling casinos has been spoiled through the few bad apples that have plagued the online gambling industry through the years. But when the reputation of these virtual casinos is ignored it’s clear to see that many of the most popular online casinos have actually been around for almost a decade and in some cases longer. Land-based casinos also play a part in ensuring the honesty of these virtual casinos as many are actually operated by them as a building block of their overall business model.

Players who tout the safety of online casinos are in the large majority as many have even made careers and livings out of utilising online casinos. Virtual casinos have even taken their place on the stock exchange, and that pretty much assures players that they are going to pay out when a withdrawal request is made. Time is another matter, though. Some casinos will pay out as soon as their player verification checks have been carried out, but others will take quite a while or will even send a physical check. Regardless of how a specific casino works, the player does eventually get their money.

Ensuring Payment

As already mentioned, there have been a few bad apples that have spoiled the reputation of the whole bunch over the years. Those who played in previous years may have had a few problems avoiding the con artists who were operating casinos, but now it’s easier than ever as there are a few easy ways to make sure that a casino is genuine. Utilise the following tips for ensuring payment:

  • Choose a casino that operates TV adverts, billboards, or other pricy methods of advertising. If the casino wasn’t intending on paying its players then it would be unlikely to invest in expensive marketing methods such as these.
  • If it’s on the stock exchange then that’s a badge of honour as it’s already been approved by the highest regulatory bodies in the land.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the casino before playing with them. If any of these terms and conditions are broken then the casino has the right to not pay out.
  • Beware of any verification procedures that may arise. Verification often takes place when the first withdrawal request is made, but some casinos are implementing this as soon as a new player signs up.
  • Well-known casino software like Playtech or Microgaming is a dead giveaway of a casino that’s 100% genuine as they only contribute their services to casinos that have proven their worth.

Ensuring payment is mainly a matter of common sense, though. The online gambling community is a close one and it’s likely that unless it’s a newly opened gambling platform that players will have spoken about it on any of the gambling forums. If a casino wasn’t paying its players then everybody would soon know about it. Common sense is the number one ally here, so use it in abundance and the few shady businesspeople will be nothing but a myth!