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Casino Glossary T - Z

  • TAB – The Totalisator Agency Board which is the organization that regulates off-course / off-track betting.
  • Table Hold –A casino term for the amount of money a table game takes in during an eight-hour period.
  • Table Stakes –Where the limit which can be bet by a player is dictated by the amount the player has on the playing table at the time of the bet.
  • Taking the Odds –When the odds on a bet will pay out more than the original wager amount. This is in contrast to laying the odds where the bet payout is less than the amount wagered.
  • Tapping Out – When an entire bankroll is lost and the player has to stop gambling.
  • Tell Play –To study a player or dealer's mannerisms or habits when looking at their cards to try and detect something that will yield an advantage. A Blackjack dealer may unknowingly raise an eyebrow if they have a good hole card or a Poker player may do something unconsciously to indicate they are bluffing.
  • Third Base –At a card playing table like Blackjack, this is the last person dealt to before the dealer and is positioned immediately to the dealer's right.
  • Third Street –The first round of betting in Seven-card Stud, so called because players will have three cards each.
  • Three-Card Monte - A three playing card game used by hustlers in which the player is asked to identify the location of a card after a shuffle. The hustler uses tricks to confuse the player.
  • Three of a Kind –Three of the same cards in Poker.
  • Ticket - A card or other means of game play that a player marks.
  • Time Cut (Also, Axe or Collection) – The time-based fee players are charged by a casino to play. This is used instead of a rake.
  • Toke –Tips the dealers and croupiers receive from players. Short for token, as in a 'token of appreciation,' usually after winning a bet. Players who toke often are often called a George or Real George.
  • Token – Used at casinos in lieu of coins to play slot and video machines.
  • Touch Wand – An electronic pen used in video games like Keno to select numbers.
  • Tournament –A competition between players for prizes or other items of value. All players generally start with the same amount, but sometimes additional buy-ins are allowed. In slots tournaments the person who wins the most is the tournament winner, while in Poker tournaments players compete against each other. Each tournament has different rules set by the casino.
  • Trips –Three of a kind.
  • True Odds –The actual odds of a particular event occurring, minus any house or bookmakers edge. Casinos pay out less than True Odds in order to turn a profit on bets. If the casino paid True Odds they would simply break even over time.
  • Underlay –A bad betting proposition when the odds bet are lower than the real chances of the event happening.
  • Unit or Betting Units – A term used in place of an actual dollar amount which makes it easier for the player and casino to calculate payoffs. A Unit or Betting Unit can be equivalent to any value.
  • Up Card or Upcard – The dealer's face up card in Blackjack. The card that is face down is called the Hole Card.
  • Vig, Vigorish–The casino's built in edge or percentage taken from each bet.
  • VIP - Very Important Person, also known as the High Roller. A person who gambles big money at the casino.
  • VLT –Abbreviation for Video Lottery Terminal
  • Wager - The amount of money put up during a gambling game or the bet.
  • Washing or Card Washing – A shuffling technique where the cards are spread face down and mixed with the flat of the dealer's hand. This is purported to be a more random method because there is no consistency in the technique. In Poker games the dealer does a deck wash after each hand followed by more conventional shuffling. Card washing in Blackjack and Baccarat occurs when a new deck or decks are used.
  • Whale –A big money gambler who places sizeable bets (thousands and tens of thousands) at the casino.
  • White meat –A player or casino's profit.
  • Wild Card –When a card game uses a Joker or designates a card as 'wild.'
  • Wired cards or Back-to-Back –When a pair, three of kind or four of a kind is dealt consecutively to a player in Poker.