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Casino Glossary Q - S

  • Quads – A term for a hand with four of a kind in Poker.
  • Qualifier – In card games the minimum hand one must have to win or be paid off.
  • Quartet – A horse racing bet where the player must correctly select the first four places in order to win.
  • Rack – A carrying tray for chips, coins, tokens and the like. Each slot on a rack holds a certain number of chips, etc. to make it easy to add up the total number.
  • Rake – The amount the house pulls from the pot at a Poker game for running the game. It is generally between 5 and 10 percent or a flat fee.
  • Rank – The listing of Poker hands (from High Card to Royal Flush) used to determine the winning hand. 
  • Rated – A player's skill level as determined by the house. Casino's often monitor and track regular players with above average skills.
  • RFB – Stands for Room, Food, and Beverage which are standard casino comps.
  • Riffling (Card Riffling) – A type of shuffle where the deck is divided in half and the shuffler 'riffles' the two halves together to mix the cards. Also called Zipping.
  • River – The final card dealt in the Poker games of Stud and Hold'em. In Hold'em it is the fifth community card turned up. In Stud if a player stays until the fifth round of betting it is known as 'going to the river.'
  • Round of Play – The completion of a hand of cards or game in which a pre-determined event ends the round. For example in Craps the Come-out roll starts the Round of Play and ends when Pass Line bets are decided. In Roulette the spin of the wheel and ball drop is a round of play. A Round of Play may include multiple rounds of betting.
  • RVP – The area at a casino for Recreational Vehicle Parking where they have hook-ups and other amenities for camping.
  • Sawdust Joint – A downscale casino.
  • Sawbuck – Ten US dollars.
  • Scared Money – A bet or amount of money that a gambler cannot really afford.
  • Session – A length of time gambling at a slot or video machine, table game or playing Poker.
  • Set – Players in Pai-Gow Poker must separate their seven cards into 2 and 5 cards sets.
  • Seventh Street – The final round of betting in Seven-card Stud, so called because all players who remain have seven cards.
  • Shark – Someone who is skilled at a particular game but does not show it early on to take advantage of less skilled players.
  • Sharker, Cardsharp, Sharper – A cheat at Poker or other gambling games.
  • Sharp – A skilled player and bettor.
  • Shill – A person who fills up empty seats at a card table and plays for the house to keep up pots until other players join in.
  • Shiner – A method of cheating in cards where a mirror or other device is used to get a look at the dealer's hole card in order to gain advantage when betting.
  • Shoe – A box that is used for holding and dealing decks of cards. Usually shoes hold six or eight decks.
  • Short Run – A quick betting session where a player tries to capitalize on favorable conditions.
  • Showdown – When Poker players must reveal their cards after the last round of betting to see who wins.
  • Shuffle Tracking – A method in which a player tries to keep track of a favorable set or group of cards by watching the pile as it is reintegrated and shuffled into the deck.
  • Shuffle Up – A technique used by casinos to combat card counting in Blackjack. The Pit Boss or other supervisor calls "Shuffle Up" and the casino dealers shuffle at the end of the hand.
  • Shuffling (Card Shuffling) – The process of mixing a deck or decks of cards so the order of cards is randomized. Most casinos use a combination of techniques including stripping or washing the cards which is when the dealer simply lays them out on the felt and mixes them around. Other techniques include riffling, plugging and cutting.
  • Shutter – A means of keeping track of the numbers called on a bingo card in which a plastic shutter is pulled down over the square.           
  • Silver Mining – Wandering around the slot and video machine area looking for coins and credits left in the machines. Also known as Slot Walking.
  • Single – In Roulette this is betting on a single number. Also called the straight-up bet.
  • Singleton – Having only one card of its rank in Poker.
  • Sixth Street – The next to the last round of betting in Seven-card Stud, so called because players who remain have six cards.
  • Skin – One dollar.
  • Skin Game – When two or more players in a Poker game work together to cheat the other players.
  • Skinning the Hand – A cheating technique to get rid of extra cards to gain advantage.
  • Skoon – One dollar.
  • Slot Club Member – A loyal slot or video machine player. Casinos give out cards which players insert into the machine when playing that rack up points for comps and gifts and merchandise. The cards are now used by some casinos to keep track of table game playing as well.
  • Slot Walking – Looking for coins in the trays of slot machines or unused credits left on the machine.
  • Snake Eyes – Rolling two in Craps or other dice games. So called because each die shows only one dot which looks like eyes. Since two is a craps roll they are called snake eyes because it is not good for the shooter.
  • Soft Count – The counting of paper money taken in by the casino.
  • Soft Count Room – A highly guarded and secure room where the soft count takes place.          
  • Soft Hand – A hand in Blackjack which includes an Ace (which can be counted 1 or 11).
  • Spinner – A winning streak in any gambling game.           
  • Spooking – An illegal means of peeking at the dealer's hole card by positioning a partner behind the dealer.
  • Spot – The numbers a Keno player marks on their card. It can also mean the number of marks hit on the Keno draw.
  • Stack – A column of casino chips. Most chip trays hold 20 chip stacks.
  • Standing Hand – A hand in Blackjack which should not take a hit or risk a bust (usually a hand with a hard total of 17 or more).
  • Steaming – When a Blackjack player is frustrated by a string of bad hands and makes poor decisions or reckless bets.
  • Stiff – A hand in Blackjack which is at risk of a bust if another hit is taken.
  • Straight Keno – The basic bet made by marking single numbers on the ticket.
  • Streak Betting – A way of betting that seeks to take advantage of a run of similar events. In positive streak betting one raises the bet size after winning in order to try and take advantage of a winning streak. In negative streak betting the player increases the bet based on losing to try and recoup losses.
  • Stripping – A shuffling technique where a few cards are taken off the top of the deck and placed on the bottom (or vice-versa) to help mix up the order.
  • Stud Poker - One of the three basic types of Poker (draw and flop being the others). Players have a number of concealed cards (known as hole cards) and exposed cards (up cards). Players bet in rounds based on dealing additional cards.
  • Suit – The markings on playing cards indicating the card is a club, spade, diamond or heart.
  • Sulky – The light two-wheeled vehicle pulled by the horse in harness racing.
  • Surrender – Giving up a hand in Blackjack if the dealer is showing an Ace. The player who surrenders only loses half their bet. In Roulette some casinos offer a surrender if there is an even money bet and the ball lands on 0 or 00, also known as En Prison.
  • System – A way of betting that is based on some formula, often mathematical and designed to beat the house in any number of probability-based games.