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Casino Glossary D - H

  • D'Alenbert System – A progressive betting strategy where bets are increased after a loss and deducted after a win. Often used in roulette on even money bets.
  • Deal – The distribution of cards to players. Always done from left to right from the dealer.
  • Deuce – Used to refer to the number 2 in cards or dice.
  • Dice – The two 6-sided cubes used in craps and other games.
  • Die – A single 6-sided cube.
  • Dime Bet - A $1,000 bet or wager.
  • Discard Tray – The tray next to the dealer's where all discarded cards are placed so they cannot be used until a new shuffle.
  • Dollar Bet - A $100 bet or wager.
  • Double Or Nothing – When a losing bettor offers another bet that doubles the wager. If the bet is won the player gets the total bet or nothing.  
  • Doubling Down – Doubling one's Blackjack bet after the two-card hand is dealt. The dealer gives the player only one additional card for the hand. If the hand is won the player is paid off on the increased bet, but the whole bet is lost if the player loses.
  • Doubling-up – A betting system where a player doubles their bet after a loss in hopes of recouping the loss plus a profit. Also called the Martingale System.
  • Down Card – Any card dealt face down.
  • Down to the Felt – No more money or chips.
  • Draw – Has multiple meanings. A type of Poker game where players can exchange cards for new ones to improve their hand. It also means a tie in sports betting.
  • Drop – The amount of money a gambler loses in a particular game.
  • Drop Box – The metal or plastic box where dealers place cash, chips, and markers collected from the table.
  • Edge – A particular player's advantage over the casino or another player.
  • En Prison – A French term used to indicate the chips left on a roulette betting table for another spin after playing an even-money bet when a 0 or 00 is spun. Not all casinos offer this bonus play.
  • Even Money Bet – Any bet with 1-to-1 odds is known as an even money bet. The original bet is also returned as well.
  • Expected Win Rate – This is the winning percentage one will likely see over time when playing a slot machine.
  • Eye in the Sky – Refers to the ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras used to monitor the casino.
  • Face Cards or Color Cards – The Jack, Queen or King in a deck of cards.
  • Fifth Street – Used in different Poker games. In Hold'em it is the fifth community card turned over. In Seven Card Stud it is the third betting round when everyone has five cards at that point.
  • Fill – Drawing a card in Poker that makes a straight, a flush, full house, straight flush or Royal flush.
  • Fill up – To get a card that completes a full house in Poker.
  • Firing – Indicates heavy betting.
  • First Base – At a card playing table like Blackjack, this is the first position to the left of the dealer and the first person to be dealt to.
  • Fish – A player who is not particularly skilled and is losing money.
  • Flat Betting – A betting strategy in which the player keeps their bet the same regardless of the outcome (win or lose).
  • Flat Top – A type of slot or video machine in which the jackpot is fixed at a specific amount.
  • Flop – In Poker games like Omaha and Hold'em the first three community cards that are dealt and shown together followed by a round of betting.
  • Foul – Used in Pai-Gow Poker to indicate a hand where the two-card low hand is set higher than the five-card hand. Also used when the wrong number of cards are set by the player. If a player has a fouled hand the house wins.
  • Fourth Street – Used in different Poker games. In Hold'em it is the fourth community card turned over. In Seven Card Stud it is the second betting round when everyone is holding four cards.
  • Front Money – A player's initial deposit with a casino to establish playing credit.
  • Grease – A bribe or payoff to someone.
  • Gross Winnings – The total of winnings plus one's original stake.
  • Hand – The cards one holds. Also the action that takes place between the shuffles.
  • Hard Count – The backroom casino activity of counting up coins.
  • Hard Hand – A term used in Blackjack to indicate a hand that does not have an Ace (which can be counted as 1 or 11).
  • Hard Way Bet (or The Hardway Bet) – A bet in craps that pays off when the two dice are the same number. Hard Ways can be made on 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12. The bet stays active until a 7 is rolled or any Easy Way number of the same bet is hit.
  • High Poker – Poker games where only high hands win (as opposed to lowball or low poker where the lowest hand wins).
  • High Roller – A player who wagers large amounts.
  • Hit – Used in Blackjack to indicate the player wants an additional card.
  • Holding Your Own, Holding On – Breaking even during a gambling session.
  • Hole Card – In Poker this is the card that is face down when dealt to the players. In Blackjack it is the dealer's facedown card that is only shown after all players have played.
  • Hot – A winning streak by a player or a slot or video machine that is paying out consistently.
  • House – The owners and operators of a casino.
  • House Edge – The casino's percentage edge on all games or bets. The house builds in their edge by paying out slightly less than the true odds.