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There are many terms that often crop up within the world of online gambling and a lot of them would confuse the uninitiated casino player. Many of them also apply to land-based casinos, but some are exclusive to the Internet. For novice, and even experienced, players it can be difficult to get to grips with many of these important terms that ultimately impact the way the game is played. If a term is called out and the gambler has no idea what it means, it could mean the difference between winning a big pot and losing a lot of money.

The following glossary aims to educate players on all of the important terms that could apply to games within the online casino world. Different terms apply to different games, which is why it’s strongly recommended that new players read through the glossary prior to actually starting any online gambling. The glossary listed on this website differs from other glossaries out there because it was compiled by professional gamblers who regularly experience what it’s like to play in a virtual casino environment. Slang, jargon, vocabulary, and anything else that players might encounter is listed in this resource, so it’s absolutely imperative that players take advantage of it.

Terms are listed, alongside their explanations, in alphabetical order and split up into sub-categories to make it easy to navigate to a specific word. From there each word is explained in a simple sentence that a player can memorise for the future without being too confusing. Each explanation is listed without using any complicated terminology for the purposes of clarity.

Players who want to sample a wide range of online casino games should ideally keep this glossary open whilst playing their games or by printing out this glossary and keeping it close to hand.