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Common Mistakes

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There are many reasons why players end up losing money when they enter an online casino. Most of these reasons just fall to simple mistakes that can easily be rectified with a bit of knowhow. Common mistakes that players make are the blessing of online casinos everywhere, so take a look at how to rectify them and start taking back those profits!

Selecting Your Bonuses

Beating the casino is partly just about taking advantage of all the bonuses that are offered to players. But the truth is that players can pick the wrong bonuses as well. Choose the bonuses that match your playing style. For example, there’s little point in picking a 20% overall bonus if the gambler happens to be playing small time tables or if they happen to be an occasional player. These bonuses are designed for high rollers who are trying to win big.

Choice of Casino

Software can play a big part in winning and losing. If a certain type of software is being used on a computer that can’t handle it then it could just crash in the middle of a big game. Casinos don’t refund bets if this happens, so don’t even risk it because it could just contribute to the obliteration of a bank roll. The newer the computer is the easier it is to deal with the choice of casino as the latest hardware and up to date software can handle any online casino software.

Bonuses and Money

Money shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing a casino. There are casinos that might have slightly lower odds but a constant stream of great bonuses. In this situation it’s best to go with the bonuses because they will often be able to cover for a slightly lower payout percentage that the casino is offering.

Pre-emptive Betting

Betting on a high stakes game and then relying on a win isn’t the way to win in the long term. In fact, gamblers that take constant high risks will always end up bankrupt in the end as the natural way of things is that all players will experience considerable ups and downs. Like any good military commander, players have to keep updated with what they have in reserve to cover themselves should the worst happen.

The Blame Game

Players who commonly download software for online casinos will end up blaming it at some point for their losing streak. If the casino happens to be reputable, has a history of quality, and is known for paying out on time then how can it be their fault? It’s not their fault; it’s the player’s fault, so take a look at how the game is being played and not what has been downloaded.


Casual players will often just march into a game and then attempt to win big. There’s nothing wrong with doing this at all. In the long term they won’t win more than they put in, though. Buy a book and study some basic strategies of the chosen game and suddenly the pots will just start tumbling in.


Rushing is the catalyst for mistakes. Online casinos are designed to be played at a fast speed as it increases the amount that the casino will make, but don’t cater to it. If there are rushed games then ignore them and opt for games that are played at normal speed. Think every move over and avoid those stupid mistakes that are so punishing for bank rolls everywhere.

Deposit Bonuses

Casinos sometimes offer bonuses on the way money is deposited. If the bonuses that are being offered are good then take advantage of these bonuses. Moving casino to take advantage of them is a great way to make some money from daily gambling exploits.


Research the game and the casino before playing. Take a look at some forums to see what other players are saying about a certain game or casino. If everything looks good and all the prerequisites for playing with a reputable casino check out then start playing.

New Games

Variety is the spice of life, so if a new game has just been released then try it out. Casinos will often offer a space where the game can be tested for free, so take the test and it might just turn out to be a game that could be very profitable in the future. On occasion casinos even make mistakes and the players actually have a higher chance of winning than normal. Caribbean 21 was one such game available from RealTime Gaming. A player won over one million dollars through this game. The game was eventually removed by RealTime Gaming in response to this.